• David Richard Almo

Quiet Time

Updated: Mar 29

As you take steps to work on your Health, Wellness, & Fitness, there's things you can easily incorporate into and throughout your day, compound on top each other, they add up and actually have big effect. Even with all that and even, and with them, you still need a moment just to pause. Pauses to get a chance to connect, recenter yourself and get yourself going again.

Now it could be, if you got 20 minutes or more to meditate, absolutely fantastic, go for it. But if not you can still take a minute or five, and breath. Just take a moment just to pause, catch your breath, be centered, be in the here and the now.

As you're going through your day, every once in a while, if you need to, even if you're before you take off to drive somewhere, you can pause and take breath in your vehicle as the engine is warming up. Or just before you go inside at your destination, take a moment to pause, and do a breath or so. Very easy to do and incorporate the throughout day, it has the incredible benefits to you. Just taking that moment to pause and get a little quiet time.

The more you can do, the better, and especially if you have kids or a crazy household, sometimes all you can do is those minute or two here and there, but that makes the difference. Just do some quiet time, take a moment, catch your breath.

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