• David Richard Almo

Play Time

Updated: Mar 29

As you work on yourself sometimes, we can be so stringent with the work, the workout is hard, eating right is difficult, let’s do this, work on that. That’s the mentality for some people, and even if it’s no, play: Go out have some fun, do some different games, play a game on our phone, your tablet, your computer, your game console, play with your kids, your grandkids, play a board game with your kid, grandkids or a group of friends; crossword puzzles, word searches, Sudoku.

Go out there and play, play sports whether it's just a pickup game somewhere, playing catch, shooting hoops, or if it's organized sports, we actually compete. The point is just to play, have fun with it because when we do that, we can have that childlike aspect to go out to play and just have fun.

Perhaps it’s friendly competition, and I do want to emphasize friendly competition. It's not so much that we're going to sit there and be strict that we’re going to play hard because we need to win. It's having fun, play together, as friendly competition so that you edge each other along to just get you going, maybe playing a little better, and might try a little harder. If you go to the really competitive edge, that can take away from the fun part. Well, it might be fun for you, but doesn't necessarily mean for the other person. Let's emphasize the play and fun part.

But just going out there, have fun, run through the sprinklers, maybe not this time of year. If you have snow, go downhill on a sled, smile, have fun, enjoy play. You do that, it works on your body, it works on your mind, and it works on your spirit. So go out there, make sure and have fun.


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