• David Richard Almo

Move More

Updated: Mar 29

Most of us know the idea about taking stairs instead of using elevator, parking your vehicle farther away so to walk, but there's plenty of other things you can do as well. And the simple concept here is literally just to move more, because the more you move, the more your body's going to get the blood flowing, get the joints moving, and burn more calories.

So what else can you do to get more movement? Some of these might be easier to do at home than at the office. While you're waiting for a computer to boot up maybe do some push ups or some squats. While you're cooking, you have something heating up, walked to one end of the house and back; you’re getting some more steps in.

The simple aspect is again, just to move. You can incorporate push ups or squats throughout your day, for example every time maybe you go use the restroom, you wash your hands and maybe just do five squats, and/or push ups against the counter (if it will support you).

One of the things I am considering doing, which I've heard about many times before, is to carry a weight around as I move around house. More movement and the added weight resistant makes a difference.

I got recently talked with a friend and she mentioned about how in the evenings using a pair of light dumbbells she's been doing some very easy arm and shoulder work just before bed. Nothing crazy, just very simple, nice and easy exercises. She's going to doing every day and now she started noticing the definition shown up in her arms. She stays fit but she wanted to add some muscle definition to her arms, so she started doing that.

So those are a couple of way using weights to get more activity in your day. For weight use some dumbbells, kettlebell(s), use milk cartons filled water (sand, pea gravel). Do a couple exercises a day, throughout the day, or carry them around with you from room to room.

Bottom line is move more, get yourself out there. One of the reasons the step trackers are pretty good is because you know if want to increase your steps. You can challenge yourself to start moving more throughout your day, using the tracker as a gauge.

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