• David Richard Almo

Eat Less

Updated: Mar 29

If you're looking to reduce the inches around different parts of the body. Don’t want to say weight, because that involves that scale which actually lies to you all the time. So we're going to go with inches.

So eat less. Pay attention what you’re eating, you can reduce a portion size a little bit here and a little bit there. Read your labels, you want to read the food labels because sometimes you'll be surprised at what the portion size actually is. Look at the total calories, the sugar content. The fat is the one you don't have to pay as much; sugar is more of a culprit.

So cut down a little here and cut down a little here. Maybe have a glass of water instead of having a soft drink or alcoholic drink. Cut down on snacks, especially the cookies, the candies and all those. Nothing late at night and the main reason is if you just had a large intake of calories, say nice little dessert, ice cream, or something, but you’re going to be sleeping for the next 6 to 8 hours. You’re not doing much to burn off those calories you just took in, it’s you're more likely to keep it on your body.

Take the simple aspects cutting portion size here, cutting something down here, maybe substitute fruit instead of candy. Now fruit still has sugar in it, it's natural sugar and you get the bonus of vitamins, minerals, and, but it’s still sugar, so be wary of that. But overall you're going get more bang for your buck than with the candy.

Eat more nutrient dense foods, which means you take something like potato chips, has empty calories to it, there's basically nothing there for you. While with the fruit or vegetables (vegetables had zero calories), but you get a lot of vitamins and minerals with it, so you get more bang for your buck, that's what's referred to as nutrient dense food. You're better off with a salad, tomatoes, carrots, eggs, whatever you want to put in there, versus a candy bar or muffin. You can understand the difference there, but just simply take that less calories here.

So eat less, little cut downs here and there, better and drink choices, nutrient dense foods, and those will start to have a compound effect over time.

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