• David Richard Almo

Drink Your Water

Updated: Mar 29

Drinking water is one of the simplest health hacks (which really isn’t a hack) you can do. There are so many benefits to simply increasing your water consumption:

  • More energy.

  • Helps flush you out.

  • Healthier skin actually clears up your complexion.

  • Healthier hair.

Just by drinking more water.

My 40 ounce “water” bottle is my constant companion, it goes with me everywhere in the house as I go from room to room, it’s what I have at the dinner table. Any time I leave the house that's my traveling companion. So my water bottle goes with me everywhere and I’m constantly drinking water.

In referring to water consumption we’re talking water by itself. Yes, there’s water in tea and coffee, but let’s use just plain water (though probably should be filtered, and there's all sorts of things you can do, we’re not discussing that today).

If you're just starting on this track of drinking more water, ease into it. Don't just start drinking several 40 ounce bottles a day otherwise you'll spend all your time in the bathroom. Get your body used to it. Substitute water in place of soda or alcohol. If you want some flavor to it, add some (high quality) essential oils like I do. Start carrying around (at least) a small water bottle around with you so you can drink it throughout the day. We’re not going down the plastic rabbit hole. However, to be wary of them, if you have them tool long, especially in the heat, you’ll taste that plastic in the water.

The amount of water you need varies, depending on your weight, activity level, and even metabolic rate. However, a general rule of thumb is to divide your weight (in pounds) by 2. Your answer is an approximation of the number of ounces of water you need each day.

Increasing your water consumption is simple thing for you to do to improve your Health, Wellness, & Fitness, with so many benefits.


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