• David Richard Almo


Updated: Mar 29

If you’re making sure you drink water, move more, eat less, get your quiet time in, keep learning, play and which are great, the one that kind of brings them all together and in sense is Rest, you have to make sure you get plenty of rest.

With exercise, rest is the time when you recover, get stronger, bigger muscles. When you’re learning a lot, playing lot, you've got need your rest so that you can continue to learn more and play more. Your body processes, when you rest that boost your immune system and you can be healthier to keep doing everything else.

If you play hard, work hard. You also need to rest hard so you can get ready to recover and keep going.

Bottom line is, make sure you get your rest, get good health and quality sleep, and for those that can, taking a nap during the day can help out to make sure you’re well rested. Most of us aren't able to, yet if you're able to do that, go for it if you feel need some downtime. Consistent sleeping and restful, brings it all together.

You can sleep 8 hours a night, but if it's not restful sleep, if you sleep all the way through the night that you’re not really getting rest. There's are different technologies out there Oura Ring, that can help you track your sleeping patterns.

Getting plenty of rest is important, it works on our Mind, Body, and Spirit, you need all those together.

Even if you’re working on the other things (mention at the beginning of this article) if you don't get quite the rest, it's they’re not really going to work together.

· If you're learning, you have to sleep, you're not going to recall the information as well, or be able to present it properly.

· You get the real benefits from exercising when you’re recovering, that's when the changes to your body happen.

· With food you have rest and digest.

· Play time, recover so you can play again.

· Water your intake rest allows it to process within and throughout the body.

So it all kind of comes around rest, so make sure you get plenty of it.

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