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Welcome and THANK YOU for taking an interest in Balancing the Triad: Body, Mind, & Spirit to improve your Health, Wellness, & Fitness, and a congratulations to you. Many people say they want to make a change with their health, but most don’t follow through and actually do something about it. You being here on this page shows you’re interested in more than just wanting to make a change.

The first step in the process is we’re going to have a Meet & Greet Session where we’ll have some time to talk. We can learn a little more about each other and we can each decide whether or not we’re a match to work together.





Down below is a link for a Meet & Greet Form. Click the link, download the form (it’s a fillable PDF), fill it out and please save it as FirstnameLastname_Meet&Greet (example DavidAlmo_Meet&Greet). Then email it to me at with the subject line “Meet & Greet.”

When you email the form back, let me know if you would like to do it by Phone Call or Zoom Video Call, and also let me know a couple of times and days that work best for you. The Meet & Greet session will be about 25 minutes.


My availability:


Monday: 2pm–4:30pm.

Tuesday: 8am–9:30am; 2pm–4:30pm; 6:30pm–8pm

Wednesday: 2pm-4:30pm; 6:30pm-8pm

Thursday: 8am–9:30am; 2pm–4:30pm; 6:30pm–8pm

Friday: 2pm–4:30pm.

I look forward to talking with you.

Meet & Greet Form