What Is Energy Work?

Energy work?

What exactly is this?

Let’s start with some definitions of energy:

Energy (Merriam-Webster):

  • dynamic quality

  • a usually positive spiritual force

  • a fundamental entity of nature that is transferred between parts of a system in the production of physical change within the system and usually regarded as the capacity for doing work

Now let's bring quantum physics in with how we can and do utilize energy for ourselves and those around us.

“...realize that we are all energy, radiating our own unique energy signature. Feelings, thoughts and emotions  play a vital role, quantum physics helps us see the significance of how we all feel. If all of us are in a peaceful  loving state inside, it will no doubt impact the external world around us, and influence how others feel as well.

“Studies have shown that positive emotions and operating from a place of peace within oneself can lead to a  very different experience for the person emitting those emotions and for those around them.” (Nothing is    Solid & Everything is Energy – Scientists Explain the World of Quantum Physics, by Arjun Walia, September  27, 2014.)

We have all experienced this.  We’ve been around those people that when they walk into a room, the room  seems to brighten, and likewise when others enter the room the lights dim.  And I’m sure you have been  around a certain person or place, and you know that something isn’t right, you get those “bad vibes.”  That’s  energy at work.

“Even though the body appears to be material, it is not. In the deeper reality, your body is a field of energy,  transformation, and intelligence.” - Deepak Chopra

So energy is all around us, its in us, and it is us, and it goes by different names.  It has been called chi by the Chinese, ki by Japanese, prana in Sanskrit, or Life Force.

How Do You Use The Energy and How Does It Affect  People?

When I do energy work, that Life Force gets channeled through me into the person, plant, animal,  or object I’m working on.  I can not force onto someone, the energy has to be willingly accepted, which is why I  ask permission to do work.  Nor can I do any harm, I can only use it for good.  And the truth of the matter is,  the person that I’m working on, it’s their Higher Self (higher consciousness, spirit, call it what you will) that  utilizes the energy in the best way for itself. It’s smarter than both of us.

Will I Be Able to Feel The Energy?


Some people can, while others are not able to, and whether you are able to are not has no affect on the    session.  The most common sensations in how the energy might be felt is as heat or warmth, coolness,    tingling, electricity, or something in between or completely different.

An Energy Session Over Distance?

When people experience the work in person, that’s one thing, however distance and time means nothing to  the energy, meaning we can be on opposite sided of the world and still be able to do a session (and also can  work on things from you past or your future).  That may be a little hard to comprehend, however think about  this:  If you say a prayer for someone, do they have to be in the same room with you? Or if you send love (a  major element in the work I do) to someone, does it matter if you are with them?  Prayer and sending love are  both forms of energy work. 

What Can The Energy Work Be Used For?

We don’t know the limits of what the Life Force can do, so anything you have issues with, there’s usually  something that can be done to at least help out.

Any type of physical issues (pain, postural alignment, disease, illness, recovery, organs, glands, physiology),  emotional release (with issues that sometimes have been there since childhood), brain work (any type of brain  disease/condition, addictions, headaches, performance enhancement (for speakers, actors, singers,  artists, athletes), spirit (enhances mystical and religious experience).

And anything else you might be able to think of.

Can You Cure/Heal Me?

I am not a medical professional, I do not diagnose, prognose, or prescribe medications or treatments.

Most of the time the Energy Work will be able to at least help out in some way, however that’s not a  guarantee; the only guarantee I can make is that I’ll do what I can to help you.  Miraculous things have taken  place. come with an open mind, open to possibilities, open to the “miracles,” to where they become  “normacles.”

And remember this:








How Do I Get A Session?

Click HERE to fill out the form, describing what you are wanting a session for. You will be contacted about  setting up a time to talk for a 15 minute consultation.  During this call we will talk about what is going on with  your life, figure out if I might be able to help, and if I’m the right practitioner for you.

If we are a fit for each other, then we will schedule a phone session, which can be from 30-90 minutes,  depending on what is going on for you.

What Happens During A Session?

We will spend a little bit of time talking going so I know what is going on with you, what it is that we are  working on, and the result(s) you are looking for.  There will be a lot of periods of silence as I focus, and do  the energy.

I may ask questions or let you know “things” that I am sensing or picking up.  It’s important for you to  communicate with me so that I know how you are doing and what is taking place with you.  It could be that  I’m working on your neck, then it feels better, and now you’re feeling discomfort in your shoulder blade.  Or I  could be working on your neck and you feel something going on in your knee, that’s a time, where as I had  mentioned before that it’s your “Higher Self that utilizes the energy in the best way for itself. It’s smarter than  both of us.”

I might be working on something, and then have you take it for a “test drive.”  Such as moving your neck  around, checking your shoulder’s range of motion, walk a bit around the room, find out how your leg (or foot  or knee or hip) is doing.

There are some sessions like a chelation (charges, balances and clears both the energy field and the body)  where we don’t need to have direct communication, we just schedule a time for me to work.

Sessions can last from 15–90 minutes, depending on what is needed and how you are doing.

Research on Energy WORK

From the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare (NIIH):

Energy Medicine Research References